What To Do After Being Involved In A Car Accident in Los Angeles

If you are involved in a collision or a car accident in Los Angeles, it's vitally important to gather as much information as you can at the scene.

The smallest details can turn out to be important, memories fade and accounts of what happened may be influenced and reconsidered as time passes.

To build a robust case for a compensation lawsuit, every piece of information you can collect will help your Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

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Los Angeles motorists who are involved in a car accident will find the following advice useful:

Check your passengers and yourself for any significant injuries. If there are any, call 911 for urgent medical assistance.

Report the incident to the Los Angeles police, although they will often be dispatched at the same time as a medical crew.

Assess the scene of the accident by documenting the scene and take as many pictures as you can with a camera or your cell phone.

Obtain contact information of anyone who witnessed the crash.

Obtain contact details of all the other drivers.

Do not tell anyone what type of insurance coverage you have.

Do not sign any document that authorizes the release of your medical records to any insurance company.

Every time you contact the insurance company, maintain records of the correspondence.

Contact them by email, and follow up telephone conversations with an email summarizing the call. You can also ask the recipient to confirm (by replying) that they have received your emails.

Never sign any settlement agreement without having a Los Angeles Personal attorneys counsel.

If you have been hurt or injured or a family member or friend is in need of a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles 

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