When Do You Need A Construction Work Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Construction work can be especially dangerous. In fact, thousands of workers are injured or killed each year in construction accidents. Workers are electrocuted, burned, injured by heavy equipment, fall from buildings, and simply are not provided with the proper safety equipment.


After a work-related accident, you or your families might not what to do next

Most of the time, a representative from the company's insurance agency will be trying to reach you, in an attempt to have you sign forms and documents that relate to the incident. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT THE AID OF AN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER 


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The insurance company representatives often present themselves as someone that is there to help you, when in reality their role is to try and settle any disputes for the smallest amount of compensation and they know that it is much easier to trick you without the aid of a good lawyer, if you do not have a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney to assist you Call Us BEFORE you sign any forms or documents

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Unfortunately, many states, including California, have enacted legislation and worker's compensation laws that can severely limit your rights if injured. That is why you need an experienced, serious, and respected personal injury attorney in Los Angeles who specializes in Construction work accidents.

if you have been seriously injured in a construction accident. You need a lawyer that is well versed in the state and federal regulations that may apply. A thorough investigation of the contractual and business relationships and responsibilities between the various employers on a job site is often critical. Further, while many employers claim to have workers compensation insurance, this needs to be independently verified. If your employer does not have true workers compensation insurance, and you may sue your employer for your injuries and for pain and suffering.



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